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BGA Buzz: Q1 2024 Issue
A welcome message from Pat O'Donnell, iPipeline CEO.
BGA Buzz
BGA Buzz: Q3 2023 Issue
A Perfect Annuity Sales Storm The current economic environment has created a perfect storm for record-level growth in the annuity market. As interest rates continue to be unpredictable and the potential of a recession looms, retirement investors are looking for safe, short-term investments. On iPipeline’s AFFIRM® platform, we have seen record annuity sales so far
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BGA Buzz: Q2 2023 Issue
Looking for the Best e-Delivery Product on the Market? You May Already Have It! If you’re a BGA with a license for iPipeline’s e-SSENTIALS® package, you already have access to DocFast®, one of the industry’s best e-delivery solutions. Currently used by more than 22 carriers and 976 distributors in the U.S., DocFast helps you automate
BGA Buzz
BGA Buzz: Q1 2023 Issue
Looking Ahead at Early Trends for 2023 Insights from the iPipeline Data Team  Happy New Year – or better yet – Happy 1st Quarter of 2023! Here at iPipeline, we may not believe in Ouija boards, fortune tellers, or crystal balls to forecast our future, but we do believe in our data – and the
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BGA Buzz: Q4 2022 Issue
The Industry’s Continuing Challenge of DTC Insights from Bill Atlee, Chief Innovation Officer and Founder of iPipeline It’s the question we ask ourselves, every day: “What’s for dinner?” The cheapest (but most time-consuming) way to do dinner is to drive to the grocery store, toss the items in your cart, drive home, and cook your
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iPipeline® Provides Advisors Excel with Unified Path Toward Accessing Core Data Analytics in Financial Services
In partnership with Snowflake, turnkey solutions provider enables Advisors Excel to combine disparate data systems, automate workflows, and create practice efficiencies to position advisors for unlimited growth.
Looking Ahead with Bill Atlee & Dan LaBert
NAILBA CEO Dan LaBert sits down with Bill Atlee, Chief Innovation Officer for iPipeline, to discuss iPipeline's initiatives moving into the new year.
BGAs: Jump-Start Your Lead Gen in the New Year
Watch two industry veterans – Bill Atlee, iPipeline’s Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, and Peri Lane, Owner & Founder of Apis Productions, as they dive into a consumer-based quote engine approach that leverages website activity to generate and capture new leads.
Robots Take Over Illustrations- Humans in Awe!
The newly enhanced iSolve® is a game changer: create a digital, end-to-end experience that avoids traditional illustration complications. Simply put: it's the fastest illustration tool an agent will ever use.
Robots Take Over Illustrations- Humans In Awe!
Isn’t it time that illustrations experience an innovative breakthrough? Join Bill Atlee, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, as he walks you through our newly enhanced version of iSolve!