Agency Integrator

Streamlined workflow, smarter execution

Introducing Agency Integrator, a solution designed by iPipeline to streamline case management and commission reconciliation -- and to better manage your overall day-to-day operations.

Key features

Multiple Management Capabilities

Life insurance and annuity agency management

Holistic Management

Manage cases holistically – from pre-app through in-force

Tracking Capabilities

Track agent details, demographics, and licensing, as well as appointment information

Centralized Database

Provides a centralized database of agent contacts and application data

Carrier-Pending Case Information

Receive carrier-pending case information directly from carrier feeds

Commission Payments Tracking

Ability to track different types of commission payments

Comission Management & Reporting

Full commission management and reporting

Third-Party App Support

Connects to third-party industry-leading paramed, APS, and imaging applications

Communications & Reminders

Automates agent communications and case manager reminders

Complete Agency Reporting

Provides complete and detailed agency reporting, empowering you with valuable insights to make informed business decisions

CRM Support

Supports CRM abilities, allowing you to manage agent relationships effectively

Agency Business Reports

Report on agency business with out-of-the-box and ad-hoc reporting

The iPipeline difference

Agency Integrator from iPipeline provides you with:

  • An unrivaled stability to give you the peace of mind that your data is secure as well as accessible at all times
  • The most up-to-date technology and latest advancements and features
  • The ability to easily connect with our distributor e-SSENTIALS® for support across your entire agency, creating a cohesive workflow
  • An extended vendor network to ensure a seamless experience, connecting you with all the vital industry stakeholders
  • Our experience and expertise of being one of the first in the industry, all backed by the security and stability of being a business unit of Roper Technologies, Inc.
Unlock the true potential of your agency with Agency Integrator -- and experience a new level of efficiency, collaboration, and success in managing your insurance cases.
Benefits for Distributors, BGAs and Financial Institutions
  • Fully supports your operations through a full and rich-featured offering, providing all the necessary tools and functionalities
  • Easily manage and expedite information in one unified system, spending less time manually tracking and reporting
  • Make smarter executive decisions with data and insights from robust reporting
  • View case status and provide operational direct case access and insights directly to producers with DataView, an agent portal
  • Decrease your case cycle time
  • Improve financial oversight of commission revenue
  • Experience intuitive case management system
  • Reduce IT overhead costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction with better tools, portals, and reporting

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