Document delivery, simplified

Let DocFast help you optimize your business – while improving the customer experience with our document delivery software.
With DocFast, you can transform the manual document delivery process into a secure, swift, and seamless online document delivery experience. Geared for carriers, distributors and BGAs, and financial institutions, this file delivery service simplifies and accelerates the process to enable agents, brokers, and carriers to focus on what matters most — the customer.

Key features

Optimum Data Security
Full document encryption ensures optimum data privacy protection and security for your digital data, making DocFast a leading document delivery software.
Integrated e-Signature Solutions
Leverage multiple and integrated e-Signature options to complete the electronic delivery of your documents, enhancing the online document delivery process.
Swift Document Delivery
Deliver electronic documents swiftly for a seamless digital experience that reduces cycle times and improves placement ratios with our file delivery service.
Multi-User Workflow Support
Supports multi-user and workflows, so all your team members can receive and approve policies online.
Real-Time Reporting
View real-time dashboard reporting to see a clear and current picture of how your documents are being processed, a key feature of our online document delivery service.
Seamless System Integration
Easily connect with your existing systems with our out-of-the-box integrations, so you can take advantage of our platform as soon as possible, maximizing the efficiency of your document delivery software.

The iPipeline difference

DocFast from iPipeline provides you with:

  • A multi-carrier dashboard that allows you to receive electronic documents — for all carriers in one dashboard to streamline your document delivery process and improve productivity
  • Support for multiple product lines
  • A versatile and effective solution that electronically delivers any document – not just policies or contracts, showcasing our file delivery service’s flexibility.
  • Access to multiple workflows and robust support to digitally deliver documents and with ease and efficiency

Experience the power of DocFast – and take your digital document delivery to the next level with our document encryption and document processing solutions.

Benefits for Distributors, BGAs, Financial Institutions, and Broker-Dealers
  • Consolidate all e-Delivery documents from various carriers into one single dashboard, leveraging our document delivery software
  • Accelerate processes while significantly reducing cycle times for quicker quote and policy approvals
  • Reduce delivery costs and eliminate traditional printing and mailing processes to generate efficiency – and significant cost savings with our file delivery service
Benefits for Carriers
  • Significantly reduce cycle times and enable policies to be submitted faster, thanks to our document delivery software
  • Reduce delivery costs and eliminate traditional printing and mailing processes to generate efficiency — and significant cost savings
  • Improve your placement ratio by ensuring policies are delivered electronically, empowering you to provide better customer service
  • Tap into our expansive distribution network to reach a broader audience, maximizing the reach of our file delivery service

Works well with

AlphaTrust e-Sign

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