AFFIRM® for Annuities

Streamlined order entry for annuities

Welcome to AFFIRM for Annuities, a dynamic compliance and order management system that is the ultimate solution for managing a broad range of annuity transactions.


Our product supports:

• Annuity Order Entry
• Book of Business 
• In force transactions:
Withdrawals, Systematic withdrawals, Fund transfers, and Rebalancing

Key features

Flexible Architecture

Our flexible architecture ensures confident compliance, and easily accommodates rules, forms, and transmission changes to quickly react to changing regulatory requirements


Low-code/no-code enables self-service capabilities without software changes to better manage your products, questions and rules, and forms

Product Profile for Annuities (PPfAs) Support

Fully supports Product Profile for Annuities (PPfAs), DTCC file formats such as, attachment, commission, financial activity, in force web transactions for book of business

User-Friendly Interface

User-friendly interface for both fixed and variable products, supporting asset allocation and multiple order funding methods (compliance workflow and self-service capability and our adoption of industries standards)

Streamlining & Automation

Streamlines and automates the annuity sales process

Self-Service Capabilities

Self-service capabilities on managing products, questions and rules, forms mapping, and forms generation changes

InsureSight® Integration

Full reporting and audit tracking featuring standard reporting and data analytics through InsureSight®

System Integrations

Integrates with Broker-Dealer and Financial Institution systems from their CRM, license and appointment system, books, and records systems

The iPipeline difference

AFFIRM for Annuities from iPipeline provides you with:

  • One of the simplest and easiest solutions for carriers and distributors to set up – and maintain
  • The ability to standardize information for carriers and distributors – so you spend less time ensuring consistency across your business
  • A solution that is extremely customizable for distributors
  • Outstanding customer service and continuous product innovation
  • Our experience and expertise of being one of the first in the industry, all backed by the security and stability of being a business unit of Roper Technologies, Inc.
Unlock a range of benefits – and streamline your annuity transactions – and invest in AFFIRM for Annuities today.
Benefits for Distributors and Broker-Dealers
  • Streamlines and automates the annuity sales process
  • Significantly reduces time spent processing orders
  • Ensures transactions are in good order
  • Fully compliant with all necessary regulatory requirements through self-service tools
  • Capabilities for customizing specific needs
  • Demonstrated confidence in platform security and stability
  • Continuous investment in technology and solutions for your future growth
Benefits for Carriers
  • Supports your customers’ needs and requirements
  • Assists PPfAs by making it easier to add new products and manage existing ones
  • Support industry files and formats such as PPfAs and DTCC through our self-service, low-code/no-code platform
  • Network of distribution

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