Intelligent fillable wizard-based screens and data gathering solution

Welcome to iGO, crafted by iPipeline to revolutionize the insurance application process. With iGO, you can eliminate errors to produce 100% in good order life insurance applications to improve efficiency and productivity.

Key features

Leading e-App Solution
One of the industry’s leading e-App solutions that ensures 100% of life insurance applications are submitted in good order, reducing cycle times, and increasing placement ratios.
Optimized Application Features
Stand out with the industry's most extensive feature set, optimizing the life insurance online application process for agents and advisors.
Universal Application Accessibility
Complete an insurance application anytime, anywhere, and on any device, enhancing life insurance online application accessibility.
Comprehensive Digital Capabilities
A comprehensive digital solution featuring e-Signature and e-Submission capabilities, ideal for electronic completion of life insurance applications.
Offline-to-Online e-App
Offers the ability to start an e-App offline in the field, and then complete it online once connected to the internet, a key feature of insurance application software.
Standardized, Rule-Based Application
Standardized, rule-based solution ensures the proper life insurance applications and forms are used, streamlining the insurance management systems process.
Streamlined Insurance Processing
Simplify and accelerate the processing of insurance applications while streamlining workflows and improving overall efficiency, a goal for insurance billing software.

The iPipeline difference

iGO from iPipeline provides you with:

  • An e-App product with the industry’s most robust feature set, providing advanced functionality and seamless integrations with other systems and applications, making it a leading insurance application software

  • Access to the largest network of distributors and carriers in the industry, enabling you to connect with a wide range of partners and expand your business opportunities, enhancing insurance management systems

  • Our experience and expertise of being one of the first in the industry, all backed by the security and stability of being a business unit of Roper Technologies, Inc.

Discover the power of iGO - and transform your insurance application process into a seamless, error-free experience with digital wealth management software.

Benefits for Distributors and BGAs
  • With access to products from all carriers, agents can simplify their workflow and save valuable time — with a single access point
  • Reflexive and conditional questioning automatically recognizes and loads all required forms based on the applicant’s responses, ensuring accurate and complete life insurance online applications
  • A faster and error-free application process which includes auto-complete abilities, a hallmark of advanced insurance application software
  • Ability to review and approve applications prior to submission to carriers, streamlining the insurance management systems process
Benefits for Carriers
  • Reflexive and conditional questioning automatically recognizes and loads all required forms based on the applicant’s responses, simplifying the life insurance application process
  • Reflexive and conditional forms completed based on the applicant’s responses
  • Reduce the need for manual follow-ups to improve overall efficiency through the receipt of in good order applications received by all distribution channels, a goal for insurance billing software

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