AFFIRM® for Life

Wizard-based collaborative selling tool

Introducing AFFIRM for Life, a wizard-based collaborative selling tool and processing solution designed to revolutionize the way you handle life insurance transactions.

Key features

Enhanced Efficiency
Enables BGAs to effortlessly support life insurance selling for Broker-Dealers, streamlining the sales process and enhancing efficiencies in life insurance processing.
Ensured Compliance & Suitability Requirements
Supports Broker-Dealer’s compliance and suitability requirements, ensuring that every policy meets the required standards for life insurance management.
Access to Insurance Products
Provides access to a broad range of insurance products -- including term life, universal life, whole life, variable life, long term care, and disability income.
Built-In Support
Includes built-in support for suitability reviews, compliance management, as well as your unique business processes, integral to a life insurance management system.
Standardization Compliance Approach
A standardization compliance approach for validation, surveillance, and supervision across all sales, essential for life insurance transactions.
Self-Service Capability
Self-service capability of orders, questions management, forms mapping, and workflows, enhancing life insurance processing.
Common Data Model
Common data model across all carriers and distributors.
Ensured Compliance
Customized workflows and suitability reviews to ensure SEC, FINRA, and state compliance, pivotal in life insurance management systems.
Enhanced Compliance & Efficiency
Bridges Broker-Dealers and BGAs, streamlining life insurance tracking for enhanced compliance and efficiency for both
Extensive Integrations
Robust integrations with Broker-Dealers and BGAs and third-party vendors

The iPipeline difference

AFFIRM for Life from iPipeline provides you with:

  • A product with demonstrated success and strong endorsements from Broker-Dealer customers, showcasing our leadership in life insurance selling solutions
  • A competitive difference that will set you apart from the rest, elevating your life insurance management capabilities

  • Our experience and expertise of being one of the first in the industry, all backed by the security and stability of being a business unit of Roper Technologies, Inc.

Unlock the power of collaboration, efficiency, and compliance in your life insurance transactions – and invest in AFFIRM for Life today.

Benefits for Distributors and Broker-Dealers
  • Customized workflows and suitability reviews to ensure SEC, FINRA, and state compliance
  • Enables advisors to provide a value-added service by selling insurance to their portfolio clients, enhancing life insurance selling strategies
  • Easy integration with Agency Integrator to further enhance the collaboration and interaction between different facets of your business
Benefits for Carriers
  • Empowers Carriers to better serve their Broker-Dealer customers, improving life insurance management
  • Allows Carriers to manage multiple product versions (PPfLs), streamlining life insurance transactions with efficiency

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