IFS Transitions

Simplify the onboarding of a book of business

Introducing IFS Transitions, iPipeline's comprehensive transition services designed specifically for wealth management firms. By providing a digital onboarding experience that is transparent, simple, and shows your dedication to a great relationship, you can help attract and retain top advisors.

With IFS Transitions, new advisors can bulk import their client list – safely and securely – without paper, faxes, mail couriers, or sticky notes, enhancing the wealth management onboarding process.

Key features

Data Collection Streamlining
Streamlines data collection and ensures consistency through the transition process, a critical component of digital onboarding for wealth management.
Transparent Dashboards
Separate dashboards create an enhanced level of transparency, in addition to monitoring day-to-day activities, crucial for digital wealth management software.
Efficient Transition Facilitation
With a streamlined process, smoothly facilitate efficient transitions for your business, optimizing client onboarding.
Configurable Processing Parameters
Enables home office to establish core processing parameters and defaults with configurable templates, aiding in wealth management onboarding.
Staging Area Review
Review uploaded records in a “staging” area before they are created within IFS Onboarding, an important step in the customer onboarding process.
Compliance Error Reduction
Enforces available products and services to reduce errors and ensure compliance, integral to digital wealth management software.
Consistent Onboarding
Establish a consistent onboarding experience for transition accounts and other ongoing business, streamlining wealth management onboarding.
Real-Time Transaction Visibility
Gain real-time visibility into the transaction process for advisors, assistants, offices, and branches, and the home office, enhancing client onboarding workflow.

The iPipeline difference

IFS Transitions from iPipeline provides you with:

  • The only product of its kind in the market
  • Robust features are designed to streamline the transition process for broker-dealers, establishing a benchmark in digital onboarding wealth management
  • The go-to solution for successful transitions, leveraging digital wealth management software
Benefits for Broker-Dealers and Financial Institutions
  • Improve your ability to attract top advisors and offices with a digital transition process, elevating your wealth management onboarding strategy
  • Bring on clients as a household and provide a consolidated document package
  • Correct data before it is too costly to change it, showcasing the efficiency of digital wealth management software
  • Carve out your book of business the way you want to, and upload as many spreadsheets as needed to facilitate the transition
  • Improve transparency and make it easier to service the client, while reducing frustrations for the advisor.
  • Create lasting positive impressions and forge enduring relationships through impactful first impressions with new advisors and offices, a cornerstone of new client onboarding
  • Guarantee a consistent and uniform onboarding experience, fundamental in digital wealth management software
  • Elevate user trust and satisfaction with improved transparency in every interaction

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