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Introducing OneView, a breakthrough solution that empowers agents with a unified and real-time view of their carrier’s order statuses – all in one convenient location.

OneView provides you with the tools you need to monitor, notify, and fix annuity orders seamlessly and in every step of the process.

This comprehensive solution makes it simple and efficient to manage the status of pending annuity orders in real-time. With OneView’s streamlined dashboard, you can now easily track orders and quickly make any necessary changes while drastically minimizing calls and emails with carrier support staff.

Let OneView help you reduce uncertainties while guaranteeing transparency throughout the entire process.

Key features

Real-Time Order Tracking Capabilities
Access real-time insights into annuity order processing times, eliminating uncertainties, and enabling financial advisors to plan with confidence
Notification of New Orders
The system sends you a notification when an order is in the queue for the review process
A Simplified and Centralized Dashboard
Monitor annuity applications across multiple carriers through a single, user-friendly, and innovative dashboard
Standardized Carrier Workflow
Uses standardized status labels across the industry for improved communication – such as License, Appointment and Training Review, Document Review, Suitability, and Funding
Monitor, Notify & Fix Annuity Orders
Enables financial advisors with the tools to monitor, notify, and fix annuity orders
Seamless Carrier Information Access
Our user-friendly interface enables you to easily access carrier websites and address critical updates quickly and efficiently
Improved Management to Prevent Backlogs
Improves the ability to efficiently prioritize and process annuity orders to improve backlogs, reducing delays and anxiety

The iPipeline difference

OneView from iPipeline provides you with:

  • A comprehensive solution that enables you to track your annuity orders – at any point in the process and from any carrier – to improve speed, efficiency, and transparency
  • Our experience and expertise of being one of the first in the industry, all backed by the security and stability of being a business unit of Roper Technologies, Inc.

Unlock the true potential of tracking carrier status with OneView – and experience a new level of efficiency, transparency, and success in tracking your annuity order status

Say goodbye to complexity and hello to efficiency with our innovative solution.

Benefits for Distributors, BGAs, and Financial Institutions
OneView is designed to bridge existing gaps, enhance operational efficiency, and empower financial advisors, carriers, and broker-dealers. Here’s how this solution can address the identified issues:
  • Reduce your call volumes, call lengths, and cycle times
  • BGAs can view their suitability review status and monitor their funding status
  • Spend less time following up with carriers and more time servicing your clients
  • Replace inconsistent misinformation with reliable and consistent data
  • Improve process transparency with status insights, centralized updates, and standardized procedures across carriers
Benefits for Carriers
  • Reduce admin cost to manage call volumes
  • Enhance operational efficiency by delivering real-time, product-specific feedback to empower agents in addressing issues promptly

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