Our Story

iPipeline is a leading global provider of comprehensive and integrated digital solutions for the life insurance and financial services industries in North America, and life insurance and pensions, savings and investments markets in the UK.

Our Vision

Securing people’s financial futures

Our Mission

Delivering innovative solutions that simplify, transform, and connect the industry.

You know the challenges of unlocking a financial future. We make it faster, more accurate and easier.

And it all started with one insurance agent in Philadelphia back in 1995.
Bill Atlee was growing increasingly overwhelmed with the incredibly time-consuming activities of being an insurance agent. Why was there so much paper, printing, and postage, creating the constantly changing, ever-mounting piles of paper forms taking over the office?
Bill knew there had to be a better and faster way – and he had an idea of how to do just that.
His vision became LifePipe: A single, comprehensive up-to-date source of reference for insurance forms. It’s a product that more than 1,400 distributors still use today to significantly simplify and accelerate their work.

Our evolution to become digital and data-driven

Ten years after creating LifePipe, we realized that as the industry was slowly evolving, the process remained fragmented and full of systems of pieced together software.

So we built upon our foundation – transforming it into a fully automated application process. Even faster, even more efficient, and much simpler.
This became our iGO® product – still one of the leading e-Apps in the industry today.

We offer one of the most expansive digital and automated platforms. We couple that with one of the industry’s largest data libraries. Which helps you accelerate, automate, and simplify various applications, processes, and workflows. And we do this – from quote to commission – with seamless integration.

All so you can guide your clients on a journey that will give them a financial peace of mind.

We’re grateful for these accolades

iPipeline has been honored by a wealth of prestigious organizations, and we owe it all to our customers and employees. They are the engine that drives our exceptional prosperity and achievement.

A history of growth & innovation

As a global industry leader, we continue to drive innovation – so you can make a difference

As a leader in providing comprehensive and integrated digital solutions in financial services, we’ve been doing this longer a long time.
We get it.

We’re backed by the stability of being a proud business unit of Roper Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: ROP), a member of the S&P 500® and a Fortune 1000® corporation.

And, we do business where you do – with offices in the US, Canada, and the UK.

At iPipeline, it’s our goal to provide you with innovative solutions that will help you make a difference for your clients.

Together, we can transform the way business is done — in the life insurance, annuities, and wealth management industries in the US and Canada, as well as the pension market in the UK – to create a better financial future for all.