Our revolutionary field underwriting tool

XRAE is the revolutionary field underwriting solution from iPipeline that supports multi-carrier, multi-impairment health class, or range-based ratings on published and unpublished carrier underwriting rules.

Key features

Data-Driven Field Underwriting
Field underwriting leveraging more than 500 data points, including medical and family history, driving history, medical conditions, and more – to more accurately determine rate classes for greater accuracy in quote determination
Seamless LifePipe Integration
Seamlessly connects and integrates with iPipeline's LifePipe to provide access to additional tools that connect the quoting and field underwriting processes
Detailed Impairment Support
Supports multiple concurrent and detailed carrier impairments to ensure an accurate rate class determination and improve business results early on and in the field
Multi-Carrier Accessibility
Offers access to multiple carriers, creating a comprehensive underwriting experience that supports greater flexibility and choice
Unpublished Rule Leverage
Leverages both published and unpublished underwriting rules from carriers, increasing the accuracy of the underwriting process and ensuring quality results
Real-Time Rate Updates
Consistent and real-time rate updates during data entry eliminates the need for quote revisions and ensures more accurate rate quotes for clients
Direct Underwriter Messaging
Carrier underwriter messages allow agents to manage communication directly with carrier underwriting teams for scenarios that are not represented by rules in XRAE
Flexible API Customization
Flexible API available for custom integrations allow you to adapt XRAE to your specific business needs and custom applications

The iPipeline difference

XRAE from iPipeline provides you with:

  • Our network of distributors and partners creates a comprehensive and connected underwriting experience that will set you apart
  • Offering support from multiple carriers, you can increase the flexibility of the underwriting process and ensuring better business outcomes
  • Unlimited impairment options provide accurate and flexible rate class determinations and a customized underwriting experience
  • XRAE can seamlessly integrate with iPipeline’s LifePipe solution, providing access to additional tools that expand the capabilities of the underwriting process
  • Our experience and expertise of being one of the first in the industry, all backed by the security and stability of being a business unit of Roper Technologies, Inc.

Experience the power of XRAE – and revolutionize your field underwriting processes today – to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and provide an unmatched customer experience.

Benefits for Distributors and BGAs
  • Support from multi-carriers increases your flexibility, providing distributors and BGAs with the freedom to choose the best carrier for specific needs
  • Advanced field underwriting capabilities ensure accurate rate class determination, improving case placement ratios and overall producer success
  • Consistent and real-time rate updates eliminate the need for quote revisions and ensure more accurate rate quotes for clients
  • Easily integrated from your agent portal so that agents can self-serve field underwriting
  • Designed for use by both agents and distributors, XRAE offers a seamless and comprehensive underwriting experience that maximizes productivity
Benefits for Carriers
  • Accurate rate class determination and support for multiple carriers improves business results by driving more competitive quotes and ensuring higher quality results, yielding longer-term gains
  • iPipeline’s vast distributor and partner network provides you with increased exposure and access to new business opportunities
  • Our advanced field underwriting capabilities help reduce the need to directly support field underwriting, which saves time and money otherwise spent on support

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