iPipeline Evolve™

The next evolution for all your solutions

Built on the latest technology, iPipeline Evolve offers you one low code architecture that can run across all your products:

This game-changing, ground-breaking innovation from iPipeline couples:

An out-of-the-box Application Programming Interface (API)
Prebuilt components from industry leading vendors
A build once and use many architecture
To create a single solution that integrates all iPipeline products for a personalized and cohesive experience

A sneak peek behind the 
innovation of iPipeline Evolve

iPipeline Evolve will help you move just as fast. As an industry leader, and one of the first in the business, we’ve been working on this innovation for a while – and we’re excited about what it can do.

Our innovative design makes it possible for us to build platform components once, and then deploy them across the platform. Using our predesigned foundations, you can integrate your specific products for a faster, streamlined process that can be deployed numerous times across multiple channels.

It’s how we are going to transform the industry.

  • A single enterprise architecture across all our iPipeline Solutions.
  • Low code self-service environments.
  • Ability to transcend channels and lines of business easily with reusable components that have a unique persona-based experience.
  • A rules and workflow engine that supports and provides a means of doing business with more flexibility.
  • Leveraging Generative AI to drive automation and increase efficiency so you can focus on the things that make a difference.

The industry is moving forward – and it wants to go fast.


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