Drive growth with an end-to-end ecosystem
We get it. You aim to differentiate your business and stay ahead of the competition – all while providing an exceptional customer experience. But without the right partner, all these goals can be difficult to achieve.

That’s why we walk with you on your journey of growth – providing you with access to agent toolsets and solutions that enable you to process business more quickly and communicate more effectively with your carrier partners.

We innovate so you can generate the business you desire – embracing automation and leaving manual processes behind.

Solutions built with you in mind

Generate Instant Quotes & Illustrations
Leverage quotes, powerful illustrations, and field underwriting with our industry-leading technology.
Quotes | LifePipe
Quotes | iSolve®
Accelerate Case Management & Underwriting
Leverage the latest technology for decisioning, rules engine, and workflow automation to reduce the time to underwrite an application.
Field Underwriting | XRAE®
Automate & Streamline Applications
Support a wide range of products and distribution channels – from order entry to financial forms – with the most widely-used e-App in North America.
e-App | iGO®
Streamline Workflow for Agents & Advisors
Simplify, streamline, and automate your workflow into a centralized database, providing full compliance and 100% in good order transactions.
Agency Relationship Management | Agency Integrator
Deliver Policies, Contracts & Documents
Deliver digitized policies, documents, and other relevant communications with speed, transparency, and security.
e-Delivery | DocFast®
Leverage Data Analytics
Power valuable insights into performance and sales through data rich and robust case analytics.
Case Analytics | InsureSight®

iPipeline e-SSENTIALS®

As a BGA, you need top-tier technology solutions and a partner that understands the challenges of the BGA community. We’ve put together a bundled technology package that enables you to transact life insurance simply, easily, and efficiently.


The e-SSENTIALS package includes:

  • FormsPipe
  • XRAE®
  • LifePipe
  • iGO®
  • DocFast®
  • InsureSight®
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A partnership you can be proud of