iPipeline Illustrations & WELiS®

Fully-integrated illustrations generator

Introducing iPipeline’s Illustrations and WELiS®, a cutting-edge, fully-integrated illustrations generator.

Key features

Versatile Sales Support

Provides support for simple as well as complex sales, making it the ideal solution for every scenario

All-Inclusive Product Accommodation

Accommodates all products – from individual life to COLI/BOLI life, annuities, and disability

Advanced Sales Analysis

Advanced sales and needs analysis help you determine how much insurance is needed and accurately evaluates complex sales

Flexible Illustrations Availability

Illustrations offers flexibility and is available both online and as a disconnected offering

iGO® Integration Efficiency

Integrates with iGO® for a streamlined and efficient sales process -- from start to finish

QuickQuote Time-Saving

Saves time and simplifies the sales process with our QuickQuote functionality, allowing for speedy quote generation for term and perm products

Complex Needs Handling

Successfully handles even the most complex business needs

Seamless System Connectivity

Full connectivity enables seamless communication between the systems

The iPipeline difference

iPipeline Illustrations and WELiS provide you with:

  • Solutions that are easily integrated with other iPipeline products, including iGO and AFFIRM®
  • Powerful output tools
  • Fast processing speed, especially in the COLI/BOLI market
  • A strong history of satisfied clients
  • Our experience and expertise of being one of the first in the industry, all backed by the security and stability of being a business unit of Roper Technologies, Inc.
Experience the future of illustrations generation with iPipeline Illustrations and WELiS – and empower your business with speed, accuracy, and efficiency, while providing top-notch service and support to distributors, agents, and ultimately, your customers.
Benefits for Distributors and BGAs
  • Create a seamless transition – from generating an illustration through the application process, all integrated with iGO
  • Support for simple – as well as complex – sales needs
  • If you can sell it, we can illustrate it
  • Efficient and speedy processing
  • Guarantees an unbeatable user experience with our simple yet powerful user interface
  • Tell any sales story with our advanced sales marketing concepts
Benefits for Carriers
  • Allows carriers to cater to a variety of market needs through support of simple and complex sales options
  • Integrates with iGO to simplify the application process and ensure a smooth end-to-end experience
  • Supports both life insurance and annuities products
  • Provides access to a large distributor network
  • Provides speed to market
  • Offers flexibility to handle even the most creative product designs
  • Connectivity allows for automation of processes

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