Unlocking additional distribution channels

WebDirect is iPipeline’s breakthrough solution to empower carriers with a simple and cost-effective way to expand their distribution — accessing the same infrastructure used by the largest financial institutions for annuities.

Key features

Tap Into New or Expanded Distribution Channels
Enables carriers to tap into new or expanded distribution channels including BGAs and down-market independent broker dealers
Expanded AFFIRM® Offering
Expands current AFFIRM offering for carriers
User-Friendly Environment
A user-friendly environment that aligns with the current business processes of each agent
Simple and Easy Setup
A simple and easy setup and maintenance process
Ensured In Good Order
Ensures all transactions are 100% in good order

The iPipeline difference

WebDirect from iPipeline provides you with:

  • The ability to leverage existing AFFIRM infrastructure, building upon what has already been established and maximizing your investment
  • An extensive distributor network – one of the largest in the industry – ensures you have access to a wide array of potential partners, expanding your distribution reach
  • Simple setup and maintenance so you can start leveraging benefits quickly and effortlessly
  • 100% in good order process support, ensuring all annuity transactions are complete, accurate, and error free – all which speeds up processing time
  • Our experience and expertise of being one of the first in the industry, all backed by the security and stability of being a business unit of Roper Technologies, Inc.

Unlock the power of WebDirect and revolutionize your distribution strategy. With extended reach, simplified processes, and seamless integrations, you'll open the door to new opportunities and drive business growth.

Benefits for Distributors, BGAs and Independent Broker-Dealers
  • Simplified annuity ordering enables agents to log in directly from the BGA platform and complete annuity orders — streamlining the distribution process and saving time
  • Suitability function fulfillment ensures compliance while minimizing risk for the distributor or BGA
  • Our user-friendly experience and simple interface creates increased efficiency and productivity for distributors and agents
  • WebDirect to be seamlessly integrated with Annuity Illustrations (coming soon), providing an enhanced functionality for distributors and BGAs
  • A seamless integration with Agency Integrator (coming soon) will allow orders placed through WebDirect to be sent to Agency Integrator for even easier easy tracking and to further streamline workflows
Benefits for Carriers
  • Expanded Product Accessibility enables carriers to extend their reach to optimize distribution by easily making any products on AFFIRM for Annuities also accessible on WebDirect 
  • Providing carriers with additional distribution options and opportunities, WebDirect integrates with our BGA network – easily and seamlessly
  • With simple setup and maintenance, you’ll minimize the burden on your IT department with WebDirect’s easy setup and maintenance design, allowing you to focus on your core business
  • Extended distribution capabilities means more distribution and less work, with carriers reaching a wider audience and enjoying increased market share — without adding significant workload

Works well with

AFFIRM for Annuities
Order Entry
Laser App
Financial Forms
AlphaTrust e-Sign
IFS Onboarding
IFS Transitions

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