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How AI is Reshaping Insurance Underwriting
Digital Insurance
Generative AI: What it is and what it means for the insurance industry
Joined by Munich Re, we’ll dive deep into how Generative AI can enhance customer experience, streamline claims processing, automate underwriting, and improve risk assessment.
Harnessing Change to Accelerate and Automate Underwriting
Adopting new technology can help propel your business into the future and give you an edge over your competition. We share some tips on how to select the right technology to make adoption sustainable and enable you to tap into ongoing growth.
iPipeline Underwriting Webinar Series
Underwriting’s Most Pressing Challenges (and Opportunities), Simplified.
Press Releases
Navy Mutual Launches Innovative Technology from iPipeline® to Automate, Streamline, and Enhance Its Underwriting and New Business Processes
The Nation’s oldest federally recognized Veterans Service Organization selects iPipeline’s Resonant® solution to accelerate and improve the delivery of financial peace of mind to servicemembers and their families.
Press Releases
iPipeline® Partners with iCover, Harnessing AI Underwriting to Optimize the Insurance Buying Experience
iCover’s algorithmic underwriting enables fast and accurate risk assessment at the point of sale, and significantly higher rates of instant decisions.
Press Releases
iPipeline® Ecosystem Enables National Life Group to Create Fully Automated New Business Underwriting Platform
National Life becomes one of the first providers to offer a fully digital distribution of indexed universal life insurance policies via same-say turnaround and without human touch.
Press Releases
iPipeline® Adds Speed of Underwriting to Quote Engine with Ethos to Deliver Insurance to Agents in Minutes
Ethos becomes first insurtech on the platform as proprietary iPipeline technology feature optimizes filtering of policies with instant underwriting.
Resonant | Shorten Your Underwriting “Long Poles”. From Submission to Decision.
If the average carrier could shave 5 days off its’ cycle time, they could significantly increase their placement ratio, resulting in millions of additional premium dollars. Are you minimizing your "Hour of Sour"?
Resonant | 5 Days. Millions of Dollars.
Learn how 5 days cost our industry millions of dollars.