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Six Things to Consider when Selecting an Agency Management System
An Agency Management System (AMS) isn't just crucial for running your agency smoothly; it also impacts how efficient and productive you are, directly affecting your success. Here are six key factors to keep in mind.
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BGA Buzz: Q4 2023 Issue
NAILBA 42 iPipeline has a long history of attending NAILBA and we enjoy getting to see each of you at this conference every year. In the past, we have held a user group meeting at NAILBA each year, but we are switching things up this year! We want to encourage you to attend our Solution Session,
Agency Integrator: Tools Every Agency Needs for Success
Managing your agents and your agency is complex. There are multiple layers and elements within your organization – as well as outside of it.
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LIBRA Successfully Launches Innovative Technology from iPipeline® to Aggregate, Accelerate, and Ensure Compliance of Data
iPipeline’s Agency Integrator streamlines data from various sources into one source to create robust, meaningful, and compliant dashboards for member BGAs.