Robots Take Over Illustrations- Humans in Awe!

The newly enhanced iSolve® is a game changer: create a digital, end-to-end experience that avoids traditional illustration complications. Simply put: it's the fastest illustration tool an agent will ever use.

Picture This…

Your broker is flipping through multiple illustrations with their client- you emailed them a dozen scenarios to keep them prepared. Right in the middle of their discussion, out of the blue, the client reveals they have high blood pressure. They also think the premiums are too high, the face amount is wrong, and the payment lengths need shortening. Unfortunately, in that instant, your broker has no access to carrier software or WiFi.

The broker stays cool, breaking out their smartphone, and within 30 seconds they’ve got side-by-side comparisons of the new numbers for their client. With the tap of a button, the compliant illustration pops up on their screen. They flip their phone on its side, and the client e-Signs with their finger. An automated email copy is sent to them instantly for their records. Another tap on “Apply”, and the illustration data pre-populates to the application.

Boom. Your broker just made a sale. They didn’t panic. They have iSolve®.

With iSolve, they can:

  • Instantly respond with 40 million pre-run quotes
  • Eliminate complicated carrier illustration software
  • Reduce wait times to zero for illustration requests
  • Enable easy, side-by-side carrier comparisons
  • Have access for both Brokers and back office staff
  • Have a mobile friendly, WiFi independent experience
  • Provide multi carrier compliant illustrations on-demand
  • Allow clients to e-Sign illustrations in seconds
  • Pre-populate illustrations in iGO® e-App

Crystal Balls: Are They Ever Right?

Few people buy without some insight into the associated price, and agents know that selling insurance is no exception. Clients often demand to be shown various premiums and coverage options before signing an insurance application.
The challenge is most agents rarely know a client’s true premium tolerance or their medical background at that early stage of the selling process. Client unknowns can create significant variance in the cost of coverage and are typically not discovered until the underwriting stage is complete, thus requiring additional re-proposals.

Further complicating the selling process is the fact that illustrations are simply projections into financial futures, and the outcomes are rarely perfect. Agents attempt to show their clients this imperfect ‘crystal ball’ through varying illustrative outcomes.

Like Hitting a Wiffleball in the Wind

Client curveballs can be tricky. In order to handle all the unexpected ‘what if?’ scenarios, producers pre-run countless illustrations in advance of a client meeting hoping to avoid potential objections that could prevent a sale. This exhaustive quoting process is a producer’s only hope to get a hit with their potential client.

Same Dog, Same Tricks

Unlike the above situation, in the independent brokerage channel, brokers have no access to carrier illustration software. Their reliance is on their distributor’s back office staff to run illustration scenarios for them, providing the PDF outputs by email. This creates a back-and-forth ritual that takes hours, if not days, leaving everyone frustrated. So, can the industry be taught a new trick?

Tom Sawyer, the Producer, Passes the Paint Brush

Each carrier within the brokerage channel has their own custom illustration software, and these platforms are super complex and confusing. It’s not practical to try and teach individual brokers how to run their own illustrations on them.

Because of this, quoting aggregation tools like Winflex, Lifetrends, and Ensight were developed, with the intention of making quoting easier. But they were designed only for back office staff, and producers didn’t have access to them. The result? Agents are receiving daily emails from their distributors, requiring them to wade through pages upon pages of PDF attachments. Even worse, a third of these agents re-contact their distributors to request further tweaks to the proposals.

It’s an inefficient process: someone needs to put a fresh coat of paint on this fence for the producers.

iSolve: The Game Changer

iSolve does what no other software can: creates a digital, end-to-end experience that enables agents to quote and apply faster by avoiding the complications associated with traditional illustrations. iSolve is quite simply the fastest illustration tool they’ll ever use. Why? Because robots have been taught how to run illustrations, which avoids clumsy PDFs and provides instant responses with 40 million pre-run illustrations. Watch the webcast today or schedule a demo to learn more!

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