Can you predict how much premium you’ll bring in this year?

Give yourself an edge over your competition and explore 5 ways to improve your placement ratio. Imagine what insights you could have with InsureSight.

Here’s how Advisors Excel increased their premium by $1.2M in 12 months…

  • They know when their case managers haven’t touched the case in 4 days
  • They know when trending business begins to decline – so they can quickly investigate and take real-time action
  • They know what their real cycle time is with carriers
  • They know which 3 agents slowed their average cycle time down by 5 days last quarter

Advisors Excel can analyze life insurance annuity cases, quotes, and e-Apps – faster and easier – by integrating iPipeline’s InsureSight Data Factory, powered by data cloud company Snowflake, with their customer relationship management (CRM) system to obtain streamlined data.

Give Yourself an Edge Over Your Competition and Explore 5 Ways to Improve Your Placement Ratio

Imagine what insights you could have with InsureSight…

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