The Sagicor Life Insurance Company Customer Experience

Sagicor's story of process improvement has resulted in higher placement ratios and increased BGA engagement.

Driving Higher Placement Ratios and BGA Engagement

In the modern life insurance environment, the criticality of the customer experience cannot be overstated. Accelerating the application process, and removing the disconnect between need and execution, is the key to helping more people get insured.

Listen to Laura Morrison, VP of Sales and Chief Channel Officer of Sagicor Life Insurance Company, as she shares their experience of process improvement. By allowing the customer experience to drive their decisions for digital investments and product design, they have seen higher placement ratios and increased BGA engagement.

Laura explores the benefits of their fluidless, no telemed workflow of iGO® — Resonant® — DocFast®, which has resulted in client decisioning at the point of sale.

This is an accelerated underwriting discussion you won’t want to miss!

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