A CRM for your sales managers

Introducing iPipeline’s new CRM, a game-changing add-on to Agency Integrator that is designed to revolutionize the way sales managers at BGAs manage agent contacts and view all of their business.

Key features

Simple and Easy to Understand Dashboard

Software as a Service:(SaaS)-based Solution for Optimum Flexibility

Designed to be User-Friendly: For Quick Adoption by Sales Teams

Easy Activity Tracking

Caters to the Requirements of National Accounts Clients

Utilizes the Same Database as Agency Integrator

No Synchronization Issues

The iPipeline difference

iPipeline’s CRM offering provides you with:

  • A product specifically designed for BGA sales managers to ensure rapid adoption and increased efficiency
  • Consistent information and a cohesive workflow that directly leverages Agency Integrator data
  • A comprehensive view of your agency operations, including pending and in force business associated with agents
  • Our experience and expertise of being one of the first in the industry, all backed by the security and stability of being a business unit of Roper Technologies, Inc.
Discover a CRM solution, specifically designed with your needs in mind,  and experience a new level of efficiency and success in managing your sales processes.
Benefits for Distributors and BGAs
  • This SaaS-based solution provides the flexibility and accessibility you need for your operations
  • Seamless integration with Agency Integrator for streamlined workflows and synchronized database
  • Simplicity to ensure that your sales team can quickly adapt, leverage CRM capabilities, and immediately increase productivity
  • Full illustration tracking provides comprehensive insights into the sales pipeline, allowing you to make informed decisions

Works well with

Agency Integrator 
Agency Relationship Management
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