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At iPipeline, we pride ourselves on our culture. We believe in an enthusiastic atmosphere, encourage innovation, depend on creativity, and strive for success. We value our employees and understand that our continued success as a company relies heavily on the success of each individual. Our employees describe iPipeline offices as a fun, energetic, "can do," professional environments.

We empower people and provide them with the opportunity to pursue personal growth and career aspirations. We work hard and play hard.

At iPipeline we are heavily invested in our Employee Wellness Program, which encourages and supports a healthy lifestyle and seeks to inspire our employees to make wellness a priority.

Our goals are to preserve and promote healthy behavior, reduce the risk factors among at-risk employees and improve the health of those who already have chronic conditions by encouraging them to make lifestyle changes. We promote and sponsor a number of programs and activities, including gym memberships, healthy meal services, athletic teams and clubs (golf, basketball, tennis, softball), educational seminars, an annual onsite wellness fair and more.