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Rich Grisham, AVP of Pre-Sales for iPipeline, hosts insurance and financial services executives to discuss the state of the insurance and technology industries, and the latest trends set to impact this landscape.  The show brings you to the intersection of technology, people and insurance, and is available wherever you get your podcasting content.  We invite you to subscribe today - go ahead...we'll wait.

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episode 4 | The Story of PolicyGenius

Released December 04, 2017

This episode of the PipeCast features Jennifer Fitzgerald, the CEO and co-founder of PolicyGenius. In a fascinating and wide-ranging interview, she discusses what prompted her to become an early leader in the world of InsureTech, the most important aspects of PolicyGenius as an organization, the opportunities and challenges that await in the life insurance industry, and much more. A must-listen for everyone interested in insurance, technology, and leadership!