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From carriers, to distributors, to financial institutions, to agents and advisors, iPipeline is dedicated to support your business by making insurance faster, easier and more efficient to process. 

Our solutions for carriers, distributors, financial institutions, agents and advisors have unique features to satisfy the business needs of each audience.


iPipeline offers the industry’s most comprehensive and powerful platform for the marketing, selling and processing of life, individual and group annuity, medicare supplement/advantage, pre-need, final expense, cancer, long-term care, disability and other financial products.

Proven effective in the field by over 125 carriers, 875 distributors and financial institutions, and hundreds of thousands of agents and advisors, our products enable the entire channel to achieve new operational efficiency and reduce costs by offering the best technology available today.

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The technology you offer your agents as a distributor differentiates you from hundreds of competitors by improving both the consumer buying and agent selling experience. 

iPipeline is dramatically improving how agents do their jobs. iPipeline's end-to-end, integrated solution eliminates between 10 and 14 days from the sales process, so your agents work smarter, sell more, and everyone gets paid faster.

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Financial Institutions

iPipeline offers the financial institutions the most comprehensive and powerful life and annuities platform to support the special requirements of your advisors. AFFIRM for Life and Annuities provides your advisors with everything they need, while adhering to customizable workflows and suitability reviews to ensure 100% FINRA/SEC and state compliance.

iPipeline is dramatically improving how advisors do their jobs. The following products are designed to integrate with your existing infrastructure and deliver exceptional business value across your institution.

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Agents & Advisors

Through carriers, distributors, and financial institutions, iPipeline offers agents and advisors access to the industry’s most comprehensive and powerful platform. We help you eliminate errors, improve the consumer experience, and ultimately get paid faster.

Explore how iPipeline is dramatically improving how life, annuities, and health products are sold.

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