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Resonant® Field Underwriting (formerly XRAE)



Resonant® Field Underwriting is a tool that returns a health class rating or range based on published and unpublished carrier underwriting rules.  Based on build, blood pressure, cholesterol level and up to 3 additional impairments, Resonant Field Underwriting generates multi-carrier or single carrier underwriting results instantly, with table/health class and a price range.  

Resonant Field Underwriting allows underwriters to spend less time taking inbound phone calls and enables agents to set expectations with their customers at the beginning of the sales process.  It can be deployed in a multi-carrier environment or single carrier environment.


  • Access on-demand field underwriting
  • Maintains published and unpublished carrier underwriting rules
  • Seamlessly handles multiple impairment cases
  • Generates multi-carrier underwriting results instantly with table/health class and price range


  • Publishes complex underwriting rules while maintaining confidentiality and ensuring that rules are accurately and consistently applied
  • Automates the evaluation of most quick-quotes so carriers don’t have to allocate valuable underwriting resources to these tasks
  • Give BGAs immediate, automated responses to almost all of their quick-quotes
  • Increases placement ratios and sets customer expectations at the beginning of the sale process

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