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InsureSight® Analytics



The future is clearer with InsureSight®. InsureSight Analytics, developed by iPipeline’s data analytics and data science teams, is a pre-packaged analytics and benchmarking solution that evaluates key performance indicators (KPIs) – from cycle time to placement ratio – to provide insight into how you’re stacking up, within your organization and across the industry.

Easy-to-view metrics and charts give you proactive vision into any possible deficiencies, before they become detrimental business problems, and allow leadership to identify sales opportunities to drive revenue.

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  • Color-coded thresholds for easy identification of underperformance
  • Ability to bookmark pre-filtered views for quick reference
  • Filter by product, organization, carrier, agent, location & more
  • Ability to compare agents and case managers against each other in a plot chart view with Premium tier
  • With Premium Plus tier, benchmark your agency’s KPIs against the industry


  • Gain a holistic view of your agency’s operations, and use that insight to improve performance and drive growth
  • Identify underperformance at a glance with color-coded thresholds
  • Creates performance accountability with easy-to-view metrics of case managers, CRM owners, and agents
  • Insight into the industry, and how you stack up against the competition
  • Advanced analytics help you negotiate better terms with carriers

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