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iGO®, an intelligent fillable form and data gathering solution, is designed to streamline and accelerate the selling of life insurance and health care products.  iGO enables career and independent producers to improve efficiency and productivity by eliminating errors and producing 100% in Good Order submissions. Hosted by iPipeline, iGO is accessible through a single sign-on via your website or a distribution partner's website. When used with e-Signature and e-Submission, producers execute straight-through processing to speed policy issuance.

When used by an agents and advisor, iGO reduces new business cycle time from 50 to 24 days, NiGOs from 70% to 16%, and the average cost from application to policy issued by 48%. The data electronically captured via iGO integrates seamlessly for reuse with other iPipeline platform solutions and your legacy systems. 

  • iGO

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  • iGO Drop Ticket

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  • Indicates fields required for application to be submitted in good order (igo)
  • Reflexive tool recognizes and auto-loads all required forms based on applicant responses
  • XML standards allow for easy data mapping and exchange
  • e-Signature and e-Submission for straight through processing


  • Eliminates NiGO (not in good order) applications
  • Standardized, rules-based platform ensures that the proper application and forms are used
  • Simplified and accelerated processing of insurance
  • Reduces cycle time and increases placement ratios

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