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Agency Integrator



Agency Integrator gives BGAs, marketing organizations, financial institutions and banks a centralized database to manage their day-to-day insurance operations. Users are able to track insurance transactions from pre-sale to commissions, communicate with agent customers on case status and generate comprehensive reports throughout the process.

Agency Integrator has more carrier and vendor integrations than any other agency management system and integrates directly with iGO e-App and iPipeline CRM.  With Agency Integrator, your organization is equipped with a full range of tools to streamline and grow your business.


  • Carrier data feeds (status, commission and appointment) and abundant integration options
  • Built-in insurance workflows
  • Memo communication
  • Automated reporting


  • Pre-populate valuable data, saving time with data entry and eliminating administrative errors
  • Establish a reliable standard operating procedure for processing and tracking business
  • Streamline communication with carriers and agents
  • Drive business and cost savings with valuable reports and metrics

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