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AFFIRM for Annuities



AFFIRM for Annuities is a compliance and order management system designed to integrate a carrier's complex product rules with a distributor's compliance processing (customized workflows and suitability reviews) to generate transactions that are "in good order".  Compliant annuity applications are then electronically submitted to carriers for processing after successfully passing all supervisory reviews required by the distributor.


  • User friendly interface for both fixed and variable products
  • Fully configurable approval workflow
  • Comprehensive forms and business rules engine
  • Complete user administration including roles and privileges
  • Full reporting and audit tracking


  • Seamlessly integrates with distributor back office and advisor/producer systems
  • Delivers “in good order” annuity applications
  • Simplifies the sales process and expedites commission payouts
  • Supports FINRA, SEC and state compliance
  • Order routing via electronic application or PDF forms

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