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Digitize Paper Applications with iGO Link
Live Demo!

Agent behavior is very difficult to change. As an industry, we still process far too many paper applications. 

iGO Link, a new iPipeline innovation, makes it easy to digitize, correct and process a paper application to produce an in Good Order application without changing the agent’s preferred submission method.

Why iGO Link?

  1. iGO Link uses machine learning to convert the paper app to XML data, without data entry, and produce an iGO e-App.
  2. Agents can still complete a paper application and electronically clean and e-Submit it for accelerated, straight-through processing.
  3. Carriers can also leverage their existing iGO e-App infrastructure to now achieve 100% agent adoption.

Join Bill Atlee, iPipeline’s Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, to see this breakthrough product in action. Learn how to optimize your investment in iGO e-App by digitizing paper apps with iGO Link. Many agents persist in completing life insurance applications on paper, leaving your e-App investment under-utilized. iGO Link transforms the way e-Apps are viewed by agents, by allowing them to continue completing paper applications, while leveraging all the benefits derived from iGO e-App.