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A Bundled, Affordable Technology Pack Exclusively for BGAs

We understand the challenges of the BGA community.  You're working with multiple carrier and financial institution partners, you have various processes that you're trying to streamline, you want to provide your agents with a consistent platform for doing business, and you need all of your efforts to modernize your business to be affordable.  

In response to these challenges, we've put together a bundled technology package that enables you to transact life insurance in one consistent platform.  From quote to policy delivery, e-ssentials enables your agency to drive best practices, offer a seamless experience for agents and back office personnel, and lets you focus your time and money on new business opportunities. 

The e-ssentials Bundle Includes:

  • LifePipe - quickly and effectively research and quote life products
  • XRAE - field underwriting tool for instant health class rating or range
  • Mobile Quote - run term quotes on your mobile device
  • Save & Store - for up to 1 year, save and store your started quotes
  • iGO® - the industry's most widely used e-App, fillable form and data gathering solution
  • DocFast® - fast and secure e-Delivery of your policies and documents