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Consulting Practice

Innovative Strategies and Solutions to Align with Mission-Critical Business Needs

iPipeline’s Consulting Practice engages as a dedicated service and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to every undertaking. Whether you are striving to improve efficiency, drive adoption of cost- and time-saving solutions, explore new initiatives taking place in the market place, or assess best practices for implementation, iPipeline’s dedicated consultants are strongly positioned to provide the expertise and consultative guidance.

iPipeline’s Consulting Practice is currently providing strategic consulting support to the North American insurance industry. Specific offerings include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

Digital Transformation & Roadmap

The critical alignment between technology transformation programs and business requirements is key to the success of any organization. iPipeline’s first-hand experience reaches into more than 120 insurers throughout North America and Canada. As part of this engagement, iPipeline will help you depart from traditional practices by constructing your roadmap based on a collaborative review and assessment of your current and future digital transformation objects and our best practices recommendations.

Next-Gen Product Design

iPipeline collaborates with top insurers in the launch of a myriad of products. This experience provides invaluable insight into what directions the industry is taking and what is working best to tap into the underserved, mass youth market. Through this engagement, iPipeline’s consulting team will provide insight into what is currently achieving desirable results and work with you to design and reengineer products for the Millennial and Gen-Xer buyers and achieve faster underwriting in the digital age.

CRM Readiness Planning

While CRM solutions have yet to reach the saturation point within the insurance industry, iPipeline has made strides in helping some of the nation’s most prestigious insurers to optimize the value of these platforms by aggregating the right data to manage leads, prospects, and customers. Within this engagement, our teams will provide the necessary direction and recommendation to transform your data into information, and this information into sales.

Straight-through Processing

The term straight-through processing has evolved to assume many different meanings. This engagement begins with an evaluation of your current business workflow with all critical contact points and systems. The consulting practice team will then conduct an efficiency evaluation to determine, within your business workflow, what strategies and technologies could be implemented to streamline and accelerate selling and processing activities. The ultimate outcome is extending the value of your straight-through processing to speed underwriting and optimize placement rates.

Policy Holder Services

We live in the age of self service, yet life insurance and annuity websites fall short in offering customer self-service opportunities on their websites. In policy holder services engagements, the consulting practice team will focus on ensuring your systems are capable of multichannel delivery and creating real digital relationships defined by client loyalty. An on-line service plan will be developed using integrated mobile, web, and call center platforms to meet the needs of your customers.


Not being able to provide a customer with an electronic version of an in-force policy is inconceivable to the Millennials and Gen-Xers who represent today’s largest selling opportunity for the life insurance industry. Snail mail delivery and inked signatures result in untimely delays and even lost business. iPipeline was a pioneer in launching e-Delivery and e-Signature capabilities to the life insurance industry. Our knowledgeable team of consultants will review your current practices and infrastructure and provide a road map for the timely transition to a fully digital environment that supports e-Delivery and e-Signature capabilities.

Technology Adoption

It’s one thing to have the technology in place for use by agents: it’s another thing to have an effective and productive deployment. In this engagement, our consulting practice team will bring their years of experience in the deployment of various iPipeline solutions to the forefront and provide best practices recommendations for the launch and successful adoption of health class estimation, e-Application, e-Delivery, e-Signature, policy holder services, and much more.

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