P&C New Business Acquisition Platform

For Commercial Insurance

iPipeline provides cloud-based software solutions and services to more than 120 life, annuity, and health insurance providers and 850 BGAs and Financial Institutions (FIs). Our industry-leading platform transforms how companies market, sell and process diversified financial products.

iPipeline’s P&C New Business Acquisition Platform for Commercial Insurance supports Human Services-Non-Profits, Directors and Officers (DNO), Commercial, Miscellaneous and Professional Liability (M&PL), Management & Professional Liability Sales, and other lines of business.

Key platform innovations

  • Resonant for New Business and Underwriting software
  • iGO® e-App, an intelligent, wizard-based processing and data gathering solution, to manage the application process
  • DocFast, our e-Delivery solution that offers two-way communications, an auditable trail, e-signature, and new levels of collaboration to accelerate policy issuance and delivery.

A Platform Designed for the Broker, Consumer and Carrier

As a straight-through processing solution, our P&C New Business Acquisition Platform enables independent and captive agents/brokers to improve efficiency and productivity by eliminating NiGOs and producing 100% in Good Order submissions. Carriers sell more product, and consumer expectations for a digital experience are met.

Broker Value

Brokers save time and personnel by processing business electronically. Making new business and renewals easier promotes customer loyalty.

Consumer Value

Consumers prefer to execute new and renewal business with carriers and brokers who transact digitally.

Carrier Value

Market feedback shows brokers choose carriers with easy-to-use digital processes. As a result, carriers save time, gain speed-to-market advantages, and increase premium revenue by virtue of brokers choosing to transact digitally. Application information captured in a digital data format drives significant analytical business value.

To learn more about how you can leverage iPipeline's P&C New Business Acquisition Platform for Commercial Experience, contact one of our specialized sales directors.